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Rustic logs

The manufacturing of rustic round loghouses is still the craftsmanswork like in the past. Although nowadays modern tools, like the handplaningmachine and chainsaw are standard equipment, the selecting and combining, marking and profiling of the logs is still pure craftsman work.  With fine tools the marking of the cuttings of the logs are made before cutting them out with the chainsaw.

The carcass of a rustic loghouse takes place at our production site. One by one the logs are selected, placed on top of each other, marked and worked on before being put in their final position. The result of this process is a fully built up carcass of a house. After the logs are numbered, the carcass is taken apart and made ready for transport. So every house is a unique example of the work of the craftsman.

During the production process we will always keep our customers informed with photos about the progress in work being done on your house.

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If you require more information, mail to: info(a)loghuis.nl or call: +31- (0)85-8640035